‘Sextortion’ gangs blackmail 30 teenagers a day by luring them into webcam sex acts using fake women’s profiles

Teenagers trapped in webcam sex stings are being blackmailed by foreign “sextortion gangs”.

At least 30 Britons a day fall for the webcam sex scams. Some British victims of African gangs have committed suicide, a Mirror investigation reveals today. Police said: “We just see the tip of the iceberg.”

At least four victims have killed themselves after webcam ­blackmailers tricked them into performing online sex acts.

The “sextortionists”, often based thousands of miles away in Africa or Asia, use stolen pictures and fake profiles to con people into thinking they are having genuinely intimate one-on-one video calls.

These are recorded and victims are told footage of their sex session will be made public and sent to friends and family unless they send cash.

One teenager stung by an Ivory Coast gang told his blackmailer after being online for just 100 minutes: “I’d rather go and shoot myself, you f***ing trash making people do this.”

The coldhearted criminal replied: “I thank you I want your money more I will share your video bye?”

Minutes later, the victim typed his suicide note which read: “I was getting blackmailed by someone for £800 so they sent a video around of me and ruined my life.

“I am so sorry … but this is the only way out.”

In the morning, he was found dead.

The Daily Mirror went to Africa to find how this teenager and another Briton were driven to take their own lives by criminals in the Ivory Coast.

We found police there struggling to cope with the rackets operating via a network of scammers, internet cafes and Western Union cash transfers.

The National Crime Agency had 1,245 cases of “financially motivated webcam blackmail” reported to their Anti-Kidnap and Extortion Unit in 2016, up more than threefold on 2015.

But experts believe the true figure could be 10 times higher.

Some are ambushed as they browse social media, some are looking for love on dating sites and others are tricked by pop-up ads on porn websites.

Roy Sinclair, from the police unit, said: “There is huge under-reporting of these kinds of offences, often because victims feel ashamed or embarrassed but of course criminals rely on that reaction to succeed.”

The tragic English teenager had killed himself after being lured into a Skype chat with a “pretty brunette”.

Police believe the victim, who we agreed not to name, was tricked into sexual activity in front of his webcam.

The Ivorian extortionist, who set up the fake Skype profile, sent his victim a picture of the sex act, threatening to post it on YouTube and share it with Facebook friends and family. He also vowed to make the baseless claim that the teenager had been watching ­child-sex abuse videos at the time.

He sent a link for a Western Union account and demanded £800. The youngster tried to send £350. But his bank blocked it, suspecting fraud.

The same Ivorian Skype user had targeted another potential victim on Facebook , just five days earlier, posing as a 22-year-old Texan brunette.

But pictures of “Daniella” had been stolen. Officers traced the Skype and fake Facebook accounts to the Ivory Coast, as well as two mobile phone numbers linked to a Western Union account used in the extortion bid.

Ivorian Cybercrime police found the mobile numbers allegedly belonged to a man called Ouare Yaya.

He is on the run but had withdrawn cash from Western Union branches. He was linked to a cashier called Kouadio Eoule, 33, accused of letting Yaya withdraw £164 sent by a victim.

But our victim made no payments to the blackmailer, so any withdrawal could not be directly linked to his suicide. We visited Eoule in Maca jail in the business capital of Abidjan. He said: “If they don’t find Yaya I’ll go to jail for 10 years. I’m finished.

“I had nothing to do with this. Tell his parents I didn’t know anything.”

UK police said inquiries into the suicide were ongoing and they hope to extradite the blackmailer, if caught, to face up to 14 years in jail. But tough cybercrime laws introduced in the Ivory Coast in 2013 mean offenders face up to 20 years and £164,000 fines.

The cruel scam is called “chantage” there and police are investigating links to a second British suicide, two in Italy, two in France and one in Canada.

But these are deaths recorded in one country. Two other British victims have been linked to other countries. One Ivory Coast victim was a closet bisexual whose male blackmailers threatened to tell his wife. Another was a Government minister in Mali.

The Ivory Coast has overtaken ­Nigeria as the capital of cybercrime in Africa. Half the population live in poverty and cybercrooks earn ­thousands of pounds a month.

Ivory Coast anti-cybercrime chief Colonel Guelpetchin Ouattara said: “We try to raise awareness but UK authorities must make people aware. I feel sorry for victims. They’re not stupid. They don’t know the risks.”

With piles of files on his desk, colleague Capitaine Seyo Kebe Mallon said many of the big web firms were not helping. He said: “We sent requests for information to Hotmail, Facebook and Skype. They ignored us.” Victims range from 14 to 82 but are mostly 21 to 30 years old, says the UK National Crime Agency. One NCA investigator, “John”, said scammers manipulate webcam sex tapes to fool victims into thinking they are live and real.

He said: “Victims are normally male and enticed by a young lady. In a matter of hours, you are enticed into doing something silly on camera.

“They encourage you to friend them on Facebook. That’s how they get your address book.

“Once they have it, they begin sending threatening messages and you become subjected to blackmail for hundreds of pounds or low thousands.

He said: “We still think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

Stephan Konan, advisor to the Ivorian Interior Ministry, told the Mirror at this year’s ShieldAfrica security conference: “Criminals who used to rob people on the streets now go into cyber cafes and rob them online.

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Revenge porn footballer Igor De Oliviera who posted naked photos of ex-girlfriend online is spared jail


The young victim was left “very distressed” after her friends saw the photographs on Instagram

A JILTED footballer who posted revenge porn pictures of an ex-lover on Instagram when she began dating again has avoided jail.

Jealous Igor De Oliviera was caught out when his victim’s friends saw the naked photographs he posted on social media.

Central News

Igor De Oliviera had asked the woman for the pictures when they were in a relationship

After the pair split up and the woman began seeing someone else, the footballer got angry

Central News

After the pair split up and the woman began seeing someone else, the footballer got angry

The 19-year-old, who last played for Margate Football Club, had asked for the naked photos when the pair were in a relationship, and could not cope with seeing his ex with a new man.

De Olivera, who claimed he deleted the photos after “five minutes”, admitted one count of disclosing private images with intent to cause distress.

At Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court today, District Judge Barbara Barne handed De Oliviera a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

He was ordered to complete 100 hours unpaid work within 12 months.

Julian Becker, prosecuting, previously told the court: “These images was composed of two naked photographs of the victim, but in one photograph.

“This was posted on Instagram and seen by others.

“The victim became aware when her friends saw the images, and she was very distressed by this.”

De Oliviera deleted the images after five minutes but was still arrested and now faces the possibility of jail

Central News

De Oliviera deleted the images after five minutes but was still arrested and now faces the possibility of jail

Mike Nicholson, defending said: “She sent him the photographs unprompted.

“She began a relationship with another, when he found out he was upset, he knows he shouldn’t have done it, he fully admits this.

“He deleted them after five minutes.”

Mr Nicholson described De Olivera as a “talented footballer” but told the court he was now living at home, after getting paid to play for Margate last year.

It became an offence to share private sexual photographs or films without the subject’s consent in April 2015, with offenders facing a maximum sentence of  two years imprisonment.

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The Moroccan town with 3,000 sex scammers

Up to 3,000 people in one Moroccan town are earning money by duping men into performing lewd acts on camera and then blackmailing them, it has emerged.

Oued Zem, 100 miles south east of Casablanca, has been dubbed the sextortion capital of the world with criminals increasingly targeting British men.

Victims are duped into performing sex acts on webcam before blackmailers threaten to send the video to their friends and family on social media. If these scammers are blackmailing you, please contact us immediately. We can help.

Up to 3,000 people in one Moroccan town are earning money by duping men into performing lewd acts on camera and then blackmailing them, it has emerged. One former scammer revealed how he and three others used images of Colombian porn star Dayana Perez Sosa (pictured) without her knowledge as a way of tricking victims

Victims were lured in via fake Facebook profiles using pictures of Colombian porn star Dayana Perez Sosa (pictured) that were used without her knowledge

Victims were lured in via fake Facebook profiles using pictures of Colombian porn star Dayana Perez Sosa (pictured) that were used without her knowledge

They are then paying up to 10,000 dirham (£800) in return for the clip to be destroyed, according to an investigation by The Sun’s reporter Robin Perrie who interviewed a man from Oued Zem who was involved in the scam for two years before being jailed.

Hamzer Danjer told him his team of four used images of Colombian porn star Dayana Perez Sosa – without her knowledge – as part of a sophisticated method of luring victims and that ‘just about every man would fall for it’.

The Sun reports that Morocco has detained more than 350 people in a crackdown on the industry – with most of the arrested being made in Oued Zem, a town of 90,000.


Criminals search for suitable male victims by setting up Facebook profiles pretending to be a woman.

Scammers then make contact in a bid to entice the victim into a Skype video chat.

Men are then shown footage of a porn star in a webcam video and eventually tricked into performing a sex act.

Victims are then sent a message with a link to the clip and a demand for cash.

Funds are then sent to money exchange agencies in the town before being collected by the criminals.

The country is also said to have set up a series of designated cyber crime units in a bid to destroy the illegal industry.

According to National Crime Agency Statistics, the number of Britons reporting cases of sextortion has rocketed by nearly a thousand from 385 in 2015 to 1,245 in 2016.

Experts suspect thousands more have fallen prey to the gangs without contacting the authorities about their plight.

On its advice page, the agency urges victims to call police, not to communicate with or pay blackmailers and to preserve evidence such as their Skype ID.

In November, police said young professionals were increasingly being targeted in a rising tide of attacks by online ‘sextortion’ blackmail gangs.

Overseas criminals were said to be using ‘honey traps’ to entice affluent businessmen and promising young male students to commit compromising acts on webcams.

The gangs were making millions in ransom payments by threatening to share the footage with family, friends and colleagues.

Officers from the NCA warned that Britain was being targeted by gangs in Morocco, the Philippines and the Ivory Coast.

Oued Zem, 100 miles south east of Casablanca, has been dubbed the sextortion capital of the world with criminals increasingly targeting British men

Oued Zem, 100 miles south east of Casablanca, has been dubbed the sextortion capital of the world with criminals increasingly targeting British men

They have discovered criminals running factory-style centres, with ‘honey trap’ actors, blackmailers and financial centres laundering payments.

Investigators said the gangs targeted individuals through Facebook, dating sites and even professional networking site LinkedIn. In most cases they appear to single out potential victims based on their ‘ability to pay’ and because ‘they have something to lose’.

In a sign of the dreadful toll that the crime can take, four men – all aged between 18 and 24 – are known to have killed themselves as they faced extortion.

Scottish prosecutors are trying to extradite a Filipino man over the death of 17-year-old Daniel Perry in July 2013. The teenager, from Dunfermline in Fife, killed himself after being lured into a webcam chat.

In 2015, schoolboy Ronan Hughes, 17, from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, also took his own life after posting pictures of himself online.

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New Orleans woman booked with ‘revenge porn’ offense

A Lower 9th Ward woman accused of publicly posting a romantic rival’s nude photograph in hopes of humiliating her could face up to two years in prison if found guilty under Louisiana’s so-called “revenge porn” statute.

Records show 26-year-old Valencia Smith is free on a $2,500 bond after her March 2 arrest by New Orleans police. Smith was booked with the non-consensual disclosure of a private image, which was established as a crime by state legislators in 2015.

According to her arrest documents, Smith was in a “long-term relationship” and has a 7-month-old child with a 24-year-old man who was arrested last month in New Orleans for multiple outstanding warrants in Jefferson Parish. Police said that while the man was jailed, Smith retrieved his property — including his cellphone — from central lockup at the Orleans Justice Center.

Smith apparently examined the text messages on the man’s phone, and found a nude photograph sent to him on Feb. 8 and two bikini photos sent Feb. 10 by a 21-year-old woman described as the victim in the case. That woman told police she had been dating the man for approximately one month, around the time she believed he had ended his relationship with Smith.

Police accuse Smith of creating a three-photo collage from the found photographs and then posting it on her own Instagram account on Feb. 25, tagging the younger woman on the entry. Smith’s Instagram page has since been deleted.

The arrest documents said the victim and her sister also received “a number of threatening messages” sent from the man’s Instagram account. One message to the woman’s sister in Baton Rouge said, “N ya sista mad cause her p—- got screenshot dat wat happens wen u send pics to n—- (followed by three crying/laughing emojis).”

The alleged victim provided police with five pages of Instagram messages captured by screenshot from the conversation, the report said.

Court records show Smith was made to sign a protective order barring contact with the younger woman and is due back in court May 1.

State law bans the non-consensual disclosure of private images and defines the offense thusly:

  • The person intentionally discloses an image of another person who is 17 or older, who is identifiable from the image or information displayed in connection with the image, and whose intimate parts are exposed in whole or in part.
  • The person who discloses the image obtained it under circumstances in which a reasonable person would know or understand that the image was to remain private.
  • The person who discloses the image knew or should have known that the person in the image did not consent to the disclosure of the image.
  • The person who discloses the image has the intent to harass or cause emotional distress to the person in the image, and knew or should have known that disclosure could have those results.

Disclosure of such images is not considered an offense when done by a law enforcement agency for the purpose of a criminal investigation, or by someone using such images to report unlawful conduct to a criminal justice agency. The law also does not apply when the image is of a public figure or related to a matter of public interest, or when the person depicted in the image voluntarily or knowingly exposed his or her intimate parts in a public setting.

A 19-year-old New Orleans man was arrested last November in what was believed to be the city’s first “revenge porn” case since the new law was enacted. Court records show the bond on Montrell Stemley’s arrest was set at $10,000 by Orleans Parish Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell, four times higher than the $2,500 bond applied last week to Smith’s case by magistrate commissioner Jonathan Friedman.

Stemley’s case has been accepted for prosecution by the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office, and Criminal District Court Judge Robin Pittman has scheduled a hearing on motions in that case for March 30.

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Marine Revenge Porn Group Re-Emerges

An offshoot of a 30,000-member Facebook group has emerged in which U.S. Marines are once again sharing nude photos of female service members. According to Task and Purpose, the new group has around 2,300 members and has resurrected the old trove of photos that caused controversy last week. Additionally, some videos are being posted to PornHub. One user reportedly wrote: “They can investigate all they want. It’s not illegal to post nudes lol.” This isn’t true because at least 30 states, as well as the Uniform Code of Military Justice, expressly criminalize revenge porn.

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YouTube Sensation Opens Up About Her Revenge Porn Legal Battle


(NEW YORK) — Chrissy Chambers is one half of the YouTube sensation “BriaAndChrissy,” a singing duo whose message of LGBT empowerment has earned them hundreds of thousands of followers.

But it was a different kind of attention that suddenly spun Chambers’ world out of control. One day, she started getting disturbing comments like these from followers calling her a “slut,” a “hypocrite” and “disgusting.”

Chambers said she had no idea what was happening, but eventually she discovered that a sex tape of her with her ex-boyfriend had been posted online.

“It was single handedly probably one of the hardest moments of my life,” Chambers said. “I found out after Googling myself it was just — it was such a horrific pain like to be hit with a baseball bat. … I literally just collapsed on the floor.”

It wasn’t just the shock that a sex tape had been made public. It was also that it existed at all because Chambers said she has no memory of making the video.

Chambers said her ex-boyfriend secretly taped himself having sex with her while she was passed out drunk then allegedly released the video online three years ago. She calls it an online attack.

“I had been assaulted because I was unconscious when the videos were filmed,” she said. “Someone was posting on our channel links to the videos to our fans and we couldn’t even keep up … that this person you cared about so much could betray you in such an intense way. It was horrific.”

Chambers said the trauma surrounding her alleged cyber assault impacts every aspect of her life.

“The biggest thing I feel I lost in my life was the feeling of control … control over my own body, my image, it was just so damaging in so many ways but that invasion of privacy is such a sharp sword,” she said.

And with a public career built around sharing her life with fans though posting videos online, it was those viewer comments she said that cut deep.

“It was really hard because after the videos came out we heard from some of our subscribers, you know, ‘I’ve been watching for a while but I can’t respect somebody who would do this, or is a slut and a whore, I can’t look up to you,’ and it broke our hearts every time we read something like that,” Chambers said.

Chambers said she is one of many victims of revenge porn, which is a form of non-consensual porn or the distribution of sexually graphic images without consent.

Carrie Goldberg, a New York-based attorney who handles Internet privacy and sexual consent cases, said revenge porn “could be a rape video that’s gone viral or pictures that were originally created and distributed with the context of an intimate relationship.”

There are an estimated 2,000 websites dedicated to revenge pornography worldwide — websites where often jilted exes post intimate photos or video at a former lover’s expense. It’s a cyber-threat that’s difficult to track and even harder to prosecute.

“The biggest frustration that I hear from clients is, I mean, everyone wants their images taken down, and they want to sue the website,” Goldberg said. “There are actually federal laws that immunize online service providers for content that other people post.

“It’s still oftentimes really, really hard to get law enforcers to take complaints seriously and to get investigators and detectives to use their limited resources to investigate these cases, and to get prosecutors and judges to also see these cases through the end,” she added.

Goldberg said 80 percent of her cases are related to revenge porn.

“When clients contact me, they are in the middle of a tornado. It’s a crisis moment,” she said. “They’re often hysterical, crying. They can’t see beyond this and so they think for the rest of their life they’re always going to be exposed on the Internet.”

For Chrissy Chambers, the road to justice has already been long and hard, complicated in part because Chambers said her alleged offender posted the footage in England, forcing her to file suit overseas. ABC News’ efforts to reach the ex-boyfriend were not successful.

“They didn’t have a revenge porn law yet and just felt like we were getting shunned and pushed away. We felt so helpless,” Chambers said. “They would say, ‘I’m so sorry this happened to you, but we can’t help because we don’t have a revenge porn law,’ or ‘since he was in another country that was just too much. It’s out of our hands.’ And while it was in enraging it was just more devastating.”

England and Wales have a revenge porn law on the books now, but the law doesn’t apply to Chambers’ case because her alleged assault happened before their law was in place.

Attorney Ann Olivarius and her team plan to bring a civil suit against Chambers’ alleged offender. While a civil suit is often an option in the United States, it would be the first of its kind in England.

The fight against revenge porn has come a long way in recent years, spurred on by other advocates, with 27 states and the District of Columbia passing specific criminal laws to protect against it. Activist groups like the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative are working for victims to provide online resources, legal support and even a crisis helpline. Tech companies like Twitter, Google and Microsoft now offer tools for users who wish to de-link or remove images they claim to be revenge porn.

Chambers and her girlfriend Bria Kam have been chronicling their journey on their YouTube channel, and there are also notes of hope. Some viewers have commented that they sympathize with Chambers’ situation.

“It’s just incredible how, like we have seen the darkest side of the Internet. But we’ve also seen the most beautiful side of the Internet,” Kam said.

Chambers has also used their YouTube channel as a platform to encourage reform and her quest for change has also led her to petition for a federal law to criminalize revenge porn.

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Revenge porn victim from Cheshunt speaks out after fitness model Christopher Spearman dodges jail


A fitness model whose private photographs were leaked online in a revenge porn attack has hit out at her tormentor.

The woman, who did not want to be named, told the Mercury she was coming to terms with the death of her mother in a car crash, as well as the death of her ex-boyfriend Simon Andrews, a motorbike racer killed on the track in 2014.

The woman, who lives in Cheshunt, lost modelling work after ex-lover Christopher Spearman shared sexual images of her on social media.

The woman said Spearman, a 26-year-old fitness fanatic who has appeared on the cover of For Men magazine, was “manipulative” and bombarded her with calls after their breakup.

“I was still trying to come to terms with mum’s death and Simon’s,” said the model, who is in her 20s.

“He sent images to friends and family and anyone I had been in contact with. It lost me a year’s work on a film and some boxing contracts I had.”

The images were shared on fake Twitter accounts in September, and the victim said callous Spearman called her to tell her what he had done.

“He posted one lot of photos on Twitter and then called me five minutes later and told me he had done it,” she told the Mercury.

“He kind of laughed about it. It was up for at least an hour.

“Then the next day or two it got posted again and sent to friends and fans and followers I had.”

The model said Spearman, who is studying to be a doctor and is listed as a director of U-Turn Clothing, would message her asking to get back together.

She said: “I told him I didn’t want anything to do with him and then he got really nasty. He said he had nothing to lose.

“I thought, I have nothing to lose, I lost my family. I have nothing left.”

She added: “He was really manipulative. When Simon died, my mum said to him, ‘Promise me you’ll look after her’. So he would use that against me.”

Spearman, of Addison Gardens, London, pleaded guilty to two counts of sharing private sexual images when he appeared at Stevenage Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

He was given two concurrent 12-week prison sentences, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to pay £465 in fines and court costs.

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Blackhawks reinstate prospect Garret Ross after revenge porn charges dropped

Garret Ross

Criminal charges have been dropped against a Blackhawks prospect accused of sending revenge porn to a woman involved with one of his teammates, a spokeswoman for the DeKalb County state’s attorney said Tuesday.

Garret Ross, 23, who plays for the Hawks’ AHL affiliate in Rockford, was charged with the felony last month after authorities alleged he shared an image of a woman engaged in a sexual act without her consent. The team suspended him indefinitely after learning about the criminal case last week.

Prosecutors dropped the case after learning Ross was in his home state of Michigan when he shared the image, meaning Illinois law enforcement has no jurisdiction. The case was officially dropped Tuesday afternoon, DeKalb County State’s Attorney Richard Schmack said.

The woman in the video lives in Sycamore and had filed a complaint with her local police department.

“This is not a crime that occurred in the state of Illinois,” Schmack said. “Further investigation revealed that Ross and the recipient were both in Michigan at the time.”

The Hawks announced Tuesday night they have reinstated Ross from his indefinite suspension with the Rockford IceHogs.

Ross’ attorney did not return calls seeking comment.

The woman in the video told authorities in September she had been in a romantic relationship with one of Ross’ IceHogs teammates but ended it when she learned he had a girlfriend. During their relationship, she said she exchanged nude video and pictures with the player, according to police reports obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

The player and his girlfriend broke up after the girlfriend learned he was meeting other women via Tinder, according to the woman’s statement to police. Ross’ girlfriend also dumped him for the same Tinder-related reason, the woman said.

Both players blamed the Sycamore woman for “spreading lies” to their girlfriends, though the woman denied their allegation, the report states.

The woman asked that both Ross and his teammate — whose name was redacted from the police records — be charged criminally. The teammate has not been charged, police said.

Ross was charged Feb. 2 after a four-month investigation in which investigators obtained a search warrant for his cellphone. He was released on bond and given permission to travel out of state while he awaited trial.

The winger continued to play for the IceHogs after he was charged. He has played in 59 games and has seven goals and 13 assists, but he has not played since mid-March. Ross, whom the Hawks drafted in the fifth round in 2012, never has played a game for the Hawks and will be a restricted free agent after the season.

Revenge porn became a felony in Illinois in June, making the crime punishable by up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. The law also requires the forfeiture of any money or goods received in exchange for posting the images.

The woman could still file a complaint in Michigan, though the state’s laws are not as strict as the Illinois law.

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Man charged with posting “revenge porn” says ex-girlfriend is lying

RICHMOND, Va. — A Richmond man has been charged under the revenge porn statute but he claims his ex-girlfriend is actually the one seeking revenge on him.

Twenty-three-year-old Corey Alexander said he got quite a surprise last week to find out from his probation officer that he was being hit with another charge: unlawful dissemination of an image, also known as revenge porn.

“It hurt me real bad, man,” said Alexander Monday. “I want to cry, but I can’t.”

Alexander said his ex is drumming up charges that are more than a year old, and CBS 6 legal experts said he may have a good defense.

“She sent the videos to me and we agreed,” Alexander said. “I’ve got proof. I’m innocent.”

“The revenge porn statute is designed to prohibit people from posting online to intimidate or harass,” said CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone.

Alexander said he did neither. He points out the videos were not posted to social media, but to an X-rated porn site where you can upload amateur videos.

Alexander showed CBS 6 where his ex-girlfriend sent the videos to him via email. He said he believes the charge has surfaced now, more than a year later, for one reason:

“She’s jealous because I’ve moved on,” he said.

Stone said if what Alexander is saying is the truth, then he has a solid defense.

“It looks like she waited and took a warrant out and if she really doesn’t have an explanation for that, then that’s something a judge will take into consideration.”

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Man ordered to attend counseling after revenge porn confession

Man ordered to seek counseling after posting revenge porn

Revenge porn landed a New Jersey man in mental-health counseling.

Christopher Morcos, 23, of Passaic, was sentenced to five years’ probation and must talk with a counselor after pleading guilty to posting nude shots of his ex, along with her personal information, on a porn site.

Morcos and the woman dated for two years before they split in November 2014. Three months later, she got a strange text, she said.

“I had received a text message from a random number saying that they had seen me on my page on Pornhub.com,” said the 20-year-old woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

She  later found the porn page, which included her full name, phone number and address, she said Morcos pleaded guilty and was sentenced last week.


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