LSU teaching assistant accused of extorting nude pictures from student


BATON ROUGE – A teaching assistant at LSU is accused of using a fake identity to solicit nude images from another student and then using those images to threaten the woman.

According to the LSU Police Department, 21-year-old Chrolos Sedky masqueraded on Snapchat using the fake identity ‘Johnny Michael’.

Sedky allegedly reached out to the victim using the pseudonym in November 2017. After messaging back and forth on Snapchat for several days, the student “felt comfortable” and sent him a nude picture of herself.

‘Johnny Michael’ later requested the victim as a friend on Facebook. Once he had access to the woman’s page, he began demanding more naked pictures.

He soon began threatening to post the original nude image on Facebook if she didn’t send more. After she blocked him on Facebook, he began sending more threatening messages via text and Snapchat.

LSU police were able to attain a search warrant and gained access to the information corresponding with the suspect’s usernames. Police found the accounts were created by Chrolos Sedky, a student and teaching assistant at LSU.

Sedky surrendered to police Thursday and was booked on charges of cyberstalking and extortion.

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