Facebook: Send us your naked photos to stop revenge porn

Facebook: Send us your naked photos to stop revenge porn

  Facebook is expanding its fight against revenge porn with a pilot program that asks users to send their naked photos so Facebook can block the photos before someone else shares them. Facebook’s been testing the system in Australia and is extending the trial to the U.S., Britain and Canada, BBC News […]

No, Facebook Hasn't Cancelled Its Anti-Revenge Porn Trial

No, Facebook Hasn’t Cancelled Its Anti-Revenge Porn Trial

  The office of the Australian e-safety commissioner has confirmed that a planned pilot that would allow Facebook users to upload their nudes to the social media website to assist with the takedown of those nude photos from Facebook, will likely launch later this year. Late last year the e-safety […]

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Facebook Wants Your Nude Pictures in Latest Attempt to Stop Revenge Porn

  Facebook is ramping up its efforts to combat the spread of non-consensual “revenge porn” images across its main website, Instagram and Messenger, it confirmed this week. The move expands on a pilot scheme announced last year that asked any users who were concerned about the spread of intimate images to […]

Here's Everything You're Not Allowed To Post On Facebook

Here’s Everything You’re Not Allowed To Post On Facebook

  Facebook has publicly released its most complete community guidelines to date after many years keeping the specific rules its moderators used to govern the platform secret. The update tacked over 5000 more words onto the already unwieldy document, which now includes highly specific examples of banned or heavily regulated […]

Facebook rolls out pilot program to prevent revenge porn

Australia has become the latest country to partner with the social network to tackle image-based abuse.Image: studioeast/Getty Images By Shannon Connellan2017-11-02 01:59:09 UTC Revenge porn is becoming a top priority for Facebook’s safety team. After announcing a new set of reporting tools in April, Facebook is continuing to roll out […]