Staffer for Queensland treasurer resigns after ‘revenge porn’ accusations

A staffer for the Queensland treasurer has resigned over accusations of posting revenge porn and domestic violence against his former partner.

The 33-year-old man had a domestic and family violence protection order taken out against him in May and his 32-year-old ex-partner has accused him of posting naked images of her on chatroom message boards.

The man worked in treasurer Curtis Pitt’s electorate office in Cairns in far north Queensland and police are investigating the revenge porn allegations.

Pitt said he was “shocked” by the claims and the [the ex-partner] order that had been taken out against the man after the government’s screening process was completed.

The man released a statement saying he had resigned out of guilt and said the treasurer was a heartfelt and honourable person.

“I’m not a deviant,” he said. “I just want to explore my sexuality, I’m into threesomes and group sex, I’m not into the stereotypical relationship, and when [the ex-partner] and I were together we had an open relationship and shared our images with lots of other like-minded people.

“I was emotionally abusive towards her in our relationship but I never hit her, and I refute the claims of revenge porn – and as embarrassing and humiliating as all this is, mud sticks.”

Pitt learned of the allegations on Friday after being approached by the Brisbane newspaper the Courier-Mail.

“I’ve been shocked to learn of these allegations and I’m extremely disappointed that such a serious matter was never disclosed to me,” he said. “Given the expected public attention regarding this case I’m certainly concerned about what impact this has on everyone involved including his children and other family members.

“Domestic violence must be brought out of the shadows to protect the most vulnerable in our community.”

Pitt called for the privacy of the individuals to be respected.… Read the rest