Hillary Clinton Just Promised to Take on Revenge Porn

Hillary Clinton vows to take on revenge porn if electedIt’s not a topic typically discussed on the presidential campaign trail, but Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that if she were elected President, she would do whatever she could to help fight revenge porn.

Clinton was hosting a live-streamed town hall on Tuesday and taking questions from YouTube stars and other online content creators when she was asked a question about the topic, according to New York magazine.

YouTube star Chrissy Chambers, who has spoken publicly about being a victim of revenge porn, said, “In 2015 I came out as one of the first public figures who was a victim of revenge porn… And ever since have been trying to pursue justice for myself as well as other victims.”

Chrissy told The Guardian in an interview that when she was 18, her then-boyfriend assaulted her and filmed the pair having sex while she was extremely intoxicated. Chrissy didn’t remember the encounter and wasn’t aware that he filmed it until a year after they broke up, when he allegedly uploaded the video to porn sites.

By the time the video began circulating, Chrissy had already created a successful YouTube channel with her new love, Bria, and when their fans discovered the video they began angrily commenting on YouTube, calling Chrissy a “slut,” she told The Guardian. Chrissy is suing her ex-boyfriend in England, where he allegedly uploaded the video, which now has revenge porn laws on the books.

Chrissy asked Clinton what she would do to ensure that justice can be pursued for survivors of that sort of harassment. While the former First Lady was a bit startled by the inquiry at first, she quickly composed herself and acknowledged that negativity can be rampant online and noted that she was “Exhibit A.”

“I will do everything I can as president, to try and figure out how we can give victims like you, the tools you need, and the rest of society should support, to be able to protect yourself and by doing so, protect others,” Clinton responded.

The presumptive Democratic nominee then thanked Chrissy for her bravery in speaking out on the difficult topic.

Currently, 34 states have laws that deal with revenge porn in some manner, but there is still no federal law criminalizing it. A president who’s committed to tackling all forms of online bullying could offer significant weight to the fight to protect victims of this sort of crime.
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