First Conviction Since Revenge Porn Law Passed In Colorado

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The first person convicted under Colorado’s new revenge porn law was sentenced

The revenge porn law targets those who post intimate videos and/or images of former romantic partners with the intention to harass them.

Michael Clasen was sentenced to three years probation on Friday. He had been facing up to 90 days in jail.

Clasen, 25 years old, was charged with six counts, including felony stalking and criminal mischief.

It is the misdemeanor charge that’s receiving focus, the ‘revenge porn’ law, that Clasen reportedly violated the very day the law went into effect.

Based on court records, Clasen slashed the tires of his 19-year old ex girlfriend and her mother. Subsequently he reportedly set spike strips in their driveway. He then posted private images of his ex-girlfriend online.

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