Va. nursing student fights back after revenge porn video hits internet

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – There is a sexually explicit video of Virginia nursing student Nicole Coon online and she is not ashamed to tell people about it.

Coon, 25, said the video she sent to an old boyfriend appeared online around Thanksgiving.

“It blows my mind,” she said about websites that post sexually explicit photos and videos of people against their will — revenge porn.

Revenge porn pictures and videos are usually submitted to websites by ex-boyfriends and girlfriends who obtained them over the course of their relationship.

“I was hysterical, I was upset. The first thing I was thinking is what about my reputation,”

she recalled after finding out about the video.

To add insult to injury, she said the Netherlands-based website demanded $500 to remove the video. When she went to police, she said they told her the website’s action was doing was legal — and out of their jurisdiction.

Nicole Coon and Del. Marcus Simon

Nicole Coon and Del. Marcus Simon

Nicole decided to come forward with her story in an effort to help change that.

She spoke Tuesday alongside newly elected Virginia Del. Marcus Simon (D – Fairfax County) about a bill aimed out outlawing revenge porn in Virginia.

House Bill 49 would make it against the law to disseminate sexually explicit pictures of someone without their permission and with the intent to cause them substantial emotional distress, Del. Simon explained.

The bill would go after the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who shares the photo or video, not the website that publishes them.

“Hopefully [this bill] deters this behavior,” Del. Simon said. “I don’t know how angry you are with your ex, but is it worth risking up to a year in prison to post that picture.”

Opponents of the bill argue it could infringe on First Amendment free speech rights.

The photo would not necessarily have to be published online for the ex to get in trouble. Photos and videos shared via email or text apply too.

“Sometimes it is a lot of phone to phone to phone viral sharing that does on. That can have that same damage and  also be covered under my legislation,” Del. Simon said.

Coon said she regretted making the video once she found out it had been posted online for the world to see, but now she’s over that feeling of regret.

“I’m here and I’m helping get the word out. As of right now, there is no regret. I have none,” she said.

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Va. nursing student fights back after ‘revenge porn’ video hits internet
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