Man accused of posting ‘revenge porn’ photos and film on social media

Man accused of posting ‘revenge porn‘ photos and film on social media – Mirror
News laws: Legislation has been brought in to protect people from revenge porn. The Criminal Justice and Courts Act, which became law in England and Wales in April, has a specific amendment dealing with posting “revenge porn” images and videos on the …

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500 Adelaide women fall victim to US ‘revenge porn’ site

Almost 500 Adelaide women and teenagers have fallen victim to a US website which has shared nude, risqué and revealing photos of them without their permission.

It’s believed the photos used on the site were being displayed and offered for download without permission.

The website allows users to view photos of ‘Adelaide chicks’ in various states of undress.

removal from the myex.com website

News Corp reports the victims were told ‘you cannot do anything to stop us’ by site users and the moderators say they are exempt from South Australian law because they are based in the United States.

The women whose photos were used on the site, claim their images were stolen from private social media accounts or shared as ‘revenge porn’ by former partners.

The photos began appearing on the website earlier this year after a user started a call out thread on a message board requesting to trade his photos with others.

Less than a month later the user declared they more than 500 images and were seeking more.

“It’s really been me doing 90 per cent of the work collecting new content, organizing folders, killing duplicates, merging archives,” the user wrote.

“This has been my latest project … I didn’t take all the pics myself or anything but I did go through every single thread and save nearly every image myself.”

The victims became aware of the site and its existence through Facebook and other social media and have since demanded for it to be taken down.

The users have ignored their plea.

Police have issued a warning to women to think of the long-term effects of uploading images to the Internet and texting nude photos.

A police spokesman told News Corp the long-term effects of an uploaded image or text can have long-term psychological effects on both the sender and those receiving.

“The social ramifications for students involved in these matters can cause embarrassment both now and into the future,” the spokesman said.

“This can also cause further damage to reputation when applying for employment.”

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Group Pushes For Ohio To Criminalize Revenge Porn

A growing number of women are pushing back and advocating new legislation to criminalize revenge porn. That’s when an ex-boyfriend or husband publishes explicit photos online without permission.A Cincinnati Christian school teacher resigned last month after photos of her appeared online.  The woman says her cell phone was stolen and the pictures uploaded.Another teacher’s aide, 32-year old Hollie Toups, also had to resign after semi-nude pictures of herself when up on a revenge porn website.”I think I stopped breathing for a while,” said Toups.  “I was at a store one day and somebody was like, ‘Hey, you’re the girl from that website.'”Relationships that end badly can result in the ex circulating private photos through email, social media and websites.

“You feel helpless,” said Jacobs.  “Hopeless.”

Jacobs took action and founded End Revenge Porn to bring awareness to the issue and allow victims to share their stories.

“It’s new but it’s old,” said Anita Rios, president of the Ohio National Organization for Women.  “It’s old because it’s systematic of how society views women.  When you have a culture that looks the other way with domestic violence, and this is a form of that, you see how many women are put in harms way at the end of a relationship.”

Only two states, New Jersey and California, have passed laws to criminalize it – although several others have started debate on the issue.

Currently, there is no pending legislation at the Ohio statehouse.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has not taken a position on it.

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