Pictures: Cazine McCarthy, revenge porn victim: ‘How my ex humiliated me.’

Cazine McCarthy Lloyd Nathan

Cazine McCarthy and her former boyfriend Lloyd Nathan. How laws protecting victims of revenge porn have yet to have caught up…

UK woman Cazine McCarthy of Haverfordwest, Wales has bravely come to the fore to explain how she came to be a victim of revenge porn after her boyfriend, Nathan Lloyd, 22 took umbrage with her after she put a close to their relationship.

Taking intimate images and video she had once she shared with her former boyfriend, Nathan posted the lot on instagram after breaking into his ex’s account and changing passwords, in essence locking her out.

Since the incident which would eventually land Lloyd in some serious hot water, the 22 year old single mother of one has spoken out in the hopes of warning other women about the dangers of sending explicit photographs in what she described as a ‘moment of madness.’

Told Cazine McCarthy via the UK’s dailymail: ‘I sent a video and image of myself to Nathan because he was working away and kept asking.

‘I was unsure at first but he reassured me. He said I could trust him and that he would never show anyone else.

‘Looking back it was stupid and I’d never do it again.

‘Women have to protect themselves. Not knowing where my picture has been shared is so frightening.’

Cazine McCarthy

Incredulously images and video of McCarthy were only removed from Instagram after the woman’s friends reported it hundreds of times.

Added Cazine: ‘I’ve lost total control.

‘Looking back I wouldn’t have sent him the photo or the video but I can’t change what happened.

‘What I can do is discourage other young women from making the same mistake.

‘Even if you think you love and trust someone you don’t know how they will react when you break up.’

During their relationship her ex had taken note of her passwords for her social networking sites so he could check up on her. He also followed her into town on a couple of occasions.

Miss McCarthy then decided to end her relationship with him because he was ‘aggressive and controlling.’

Lloyd then used this knowledge to post the intimate picture on her Instagram account and change the password so she could not remove it. She begged him to take the messages down but he refused, responding with abusive messages.

Reiterated the single mom: ‘His possessive behavior gave me the creeps. But breaking up with him only made it worse.

‘He turned nasty and uploaded the private images I’d sent him as revenge.

‘When I protested he showed up at my house and kicked down my door.

‘That’s when I called the police.’

Lloyd admitted breaking the UK’s Telecommunications Act by posting the image and criminal damage and was given a restraining order.

He was also ordered to attend a ‘building better relationships’ course to learn about aggression and relationships – avoiding a prison sentence.

McCarthy said the picture and video made her clearly identifiable and she feared her followers on Instagram thought she wanted them to see her baring all.

She said: ‘I would never have thought that that brief moment of madness back then would have caused me so much grief and heartache.’

‘I know people locally are talking about me and everyone knows what happened.

‘I keep thinking that people might have screengrabbed the video and shared it with friends.

‘You can see my face in the picture but not in the video.

‘Everyone knew it was me though because of the tattoo on my right side and it’s obvious that I was recording in my house.

‘I couldn’t even deny it.

‘What’s worse is that my followers would have thought I wanted them to see me naked.

‘It was mortifying.’

In December the CPS launched new guidelines on tackling domestic abuse which will include using technology to inflict misery on former partners. Under the new guidance issued prosecutors will be encouraged to consider how revenge porn can be treated as a form of .

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