Revenge Porn Site Anon-ib loses all revenue after exposé

The offshore Web site that hosts hoards of “revenge porn” — including illegal shots of underage girls — lost its sole source of revenue Friday following a Post expose of its sleazy operation.

A Spanish online-ad company said it was pulling its business from Anon-IB — also known as the “Best Anonymous Image Board” — and thanked The Post “for making us aware of this.”

Anon-IB was raking in $1,500 a day from Barcelona-based ExoClick in exchange for hosting ExoClick’s ads on its site, according to an estimate from the Web-monitoring firm Alexa.

“ExoClick has a zero tolerance policy to any forms of illegal content on publisher websites (as per our guidelines),” spokesman Giles Hirst said in an email statement.

“On discovery of such content we will always take swift action to remove ads and ban the publisher from our network.”

Several women told The Post that nude images taken when they were as young as 16 — and possessed by their ex-boyfriends — have appeared on Anon-IB.

Paige Rines of New Hampshire said she was “anonymously messaged hateful things” once her photos were posted, and had to abandon plans to work as a counselor to troubled teens.

“If anyone looked up my name, no one would let me work with children,” lamented Rines, now 23.

Anon-IB also recently featured a collage of what appeared to be obviously adolescent girls with their breasts exposed.

Under federal law, possessing or distributing naked and “sexually suggestive” images of anyone under 18 can be prosecuted under child-pornography laws that are punishable by up to life in prison.

The Queens District Attorney’s Office has told The Post that Anon-IB is based in Panama.

The site frequently changes its Web address, and currently has one that that’s assigned to the country of Laos.

Anon-IB didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

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