Does Microsoft Care About Victims of Revenge Porn?

Microsoft, Bing, and Yahoo Support Online Harassment and Bullying

While Google Chooses to Support Victims of Revenge Porn

By Al Szajman

One very evil man has targeted a person very dear to me by posting lies and falsified photos about her on a horrible, nasty “revenge” site. These sites don’t care about truth and allow anonymous postings because they merely want to collect huge fees from victims (for removing the lies and offensive images). Then, once they take items down, they still keep the information “invisible” to the eyes on their site but readable by search engine web crawlers (via something called a “302” status versus what should really be a “404 page not found” status). In short, even though the offending content is no longer posted on the site, a Yahoo or Bing search of her name delivers high ranking results (page one and/or two) that indicate she is still on that site.

One month ago yesterday, I personally pointed this out to Tech Support at (Microsoft-owned) Bing – which also powers Yahoo’s search engine – and Google. Google removed the offending results within one week. Yesterday, four weeks later, Bing (and in turn, Yahoo) still hasn’t done so and blame the web site for “hiding” the information that its web crawler is still reading.

In short, Google chose to be a responsible corporate citizen and deleted the offending search results. Period. No excuses, no lame cop outs; just the honorable and humane decision to protect victims of revenge porn.

Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft have chosen to support and enable not just this horrible site, but the miscreant who we suspect also posted these outright lies and defamatory photos in the first place. By choosing to do nothing, Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft are choosing to enable a very sick man – who had a court order of protection against him – to continue to harass my friend and put her through horrible emotional stress. In fact, Bing is even choosing to ignore court orders for the removal of defamatory content!


More people need to know that Microsoft, Bing and Yahoo are complicit partners when it comes to facilitating online bullying. They are perfectly comfortable with abetting such evil and making money doing so.

Thank you in advance for helping inform the public of this inexcusable and disgusting decision by Microsoft, Bing and Yahoo.



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