Canadian Copyright Law Resources

Canadian Copyright Act

The current Canadian [2012]


Canadian Government

Heritage Canada has information on the history of Canadian copyright, publications, a glossary and more, as well as a microsite on the Copyright Modernization Act (the most recent amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act.)

[2004] (where you can obtain a license to use works of unlocatable copyright owners, and a list of Canadian copyright collectives and more)

Government office responsible for copyright registrations: [2006] (CIPO). CIPO also provides general information on Canadian copyright law.

Supreme Court of Canada Copyright Cases

[2002] (SCC) cases: There are many other cases on this site that may be helpful. The list below is a sample of the cross-section of cases on copyright heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Creative Commons Canada

Creative Commons Canada

World Intellectual Property Organization

World Intellectual Property Organization

Canadian Copyright Law Questions

Copyright Qs & As on Canadian Copyright Law. This is a forum where you can review various questions and answers and also ask your own questions.

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