Curb Records Sues Tim McGraw for Copyright Infringement

Curb Records Sues Tim McGraw for Copyright Infringement 



on Tue, Apr 30, 2022 at 3:00 PM

According to a story first reported by our sister publication The City Paper, former Music Row bedfellows Tim McGraw and Curb Records are at it again. The “Truck Yeah” singer and his former label finally settled (or at least, so everyone thought) a two-year legal battle back in September, with The Court of Appeals of Tennessee upholding a 2011 decision to let McGraw sign with Big Machine. Well, that didn’t sit well with Curb, as they’ve just lobbed another law bomb at the Indian Outlaw. From The CP:

The lawsuit, filed Monday, claims that the copyright to McGraw’s aptly titled Big Machine album “Two Lanes of Freedom” should actually belong to Curb Records. The label alleges that McGraw recorded the songs while he was still under contract with Curb.

The controversy centers around McGraw’s previous album “Emotional Traffic,” which he maintained was his fifth and final record for Curb. But Curb argued in a breach of contract suit filed in 2011 that McGraw recorded those songs during an unauthorized period of time in an attempt to quickly fulfill his contract obligations.

Curb is now asking the federal court to determine that “Two Lanes of Freedom” belongs to them. Further, the suit maintains that McGraw also owes Curb a sixth album due to a 2001 settlement agreement regarding “greatest hits” albums that weren’t fulfilled.

“The lawsuit also asks for compensatory and punitive damages,” CP goes on to report, “as well as an injunction to prevent McGraw from recording material until he has fulfilled the Curb contract.” Well that stinks.

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