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Israeli Top Model Bar Refaeli Wins Copyright Infringement Case Against Ilan Ben-Dov

Bar Refaeli has won her lawsuit against Ilan Ben-Dov. The Tel Aviv District Court today partly ruled in her favor against Samsung importer Suny Electronics Ltd. (TASE: SUNY), which Ben-Dov controls, over live online broadcasts of her for a 2006 ad campaign for Samsung, which were aired without her knowledge. Judge Avi Zamir ordered Suny to pay Bar Refaeli NIS 400,000 ($11o,000)  in compensation for breach of her rights in the filming of her without her knowledge, and NIS 150,000 ($41,000)  in court costs. He dismissed Suny’s counterclaim for libel against Bar Refaeli for writing to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (KSX: 5930; LSE: SMSN) in Korea. However, he also dismissed Refaeli’s personal claim against marketing consultant Avi Zeitan.“The image of models, their voices, bodies, and names are their personal assets, and no one has the right to use them for commercial purposes without their consent and without compensation,” wrote Judge Zamir in his ruling. “These assets have the right to be protected. Every model, male or female, even if they chose to reveal themselves in an advertisement, even the broadest and most exposing, in any media, has the right not to have made use of these private assets beyond what was agreed, and without their explicit consent.”Judge Zamir added, “Even deviations from existing agreements over the extent of the permitted use of these assets, damage them, damage that justifies financial compensation.” 

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