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Nik Ritchie about The Dirty, his revenge porn site, and Weiner

While the sleaze moguls behind IsAnybodyUp and IsAnybodyDown, the now-defunct websites where bitter lovers uploaded shameful nudes of their exes for all the world to see, continue to battle California’s legislation over banning revenge porn sites, another Internet jerkoff jockey forges ahead in the race to win the royal crown of Internet deebag. And he does it with honor and dignity, apparently.

Nik Ritchie, the man behind Arizona’s revenge site The Dirty, is having a moment after breaking this week’s story about NYC mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner’s latest cyber fap fest. When 23-year-old Sydney Leathers of Princeton, Indiana, contacted Ritchie with pics and information about her 2012 online sex affair with Weiner, the raspy-voiced owner of the website didn’t quite believe her. Because, you know, he has the name and reputation of his website to consider. He can’t just publish anything. This is a revenge porn site, for cryin’ out loud. There is protocol, dammit. Or so he explained during an interview with CNN on Wednesday night.

“She was a fan of the site. She confided in me,” Nik Ritchie told CNN correspondent Donny Deutsch. “I told her to send me all the information, all the screenshots. I didn’t believe her at first … and I did my homework … and I ran with the story.”

In the interview (below), the revenge porn site owner took jabs at Weiner for the candidate’s disgusting behavior, and, on Thursday, Ritchie posted the uncensored, unblurred photos of Weiner’s penis “because New York deserves better leadership than this,” he said. A pretty high-falutin’ stance for a guy who publishes user-generated shots of randoms’ ex-girlfriends’ hoo-hahs to dish out the moral judgment. Wouldn’t you say?

“We spent the weekend just connecting the dots, and I drilled her,” Sherlock continues. “I basically said, ‘you gotta convince me if you’re gonna convince America.’ And she came forward, and I believed her. And I said ‘I’ll put my neck on the line and put this on’ And the rest is history.”

Good thing your rep’s still in check, bro. Meanwhile, the issue with Weiner is not the sexting itself, but how he’s handling it— his dodgy answers about “timeline” this and “therapy” that; hiding behind his wife in a press conference that smacked of an awkward hostage video. And all the while muttering to the press how he’s “glad these things are behind us” — it’s sort of ironic that a man so anxious to show off his cock to strangers isn’t willing to put his balls on the table for those who might vote the man into office.

But, despite the heavy flak Weiner has endured in the last 48 hours, the latest Marist Poll (results below), conducted on Wednesday, shows that he’s behind — but not that behind — in the mayoral race. Trailing Christine Quinn by just nine points, Weiner still holds a solid second place in this thing. Who knows if he still has a shot at a runoff for the September primary. If only he could buck up and learn a lesson or two from men on higher ground like Ritchie.

  • 25% Christine Quinn
  • 16% Anthony Weiner
  • 14% Bill de Blasio
  • 14% Bill Thompson
  • 7% John Liu
  • 2% Erick Salgado
  • 1% Sal Albanese
  • 2% Other
  • 19% Undecided

h/t @HyperVocal and Gawker

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