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Buffalo Grove man reports Skype extortion after webcam session

Internet stranger attempts to extort $300 from Buffalo Grove man

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Buffalo Grove man told police that he was extorted after broadcasting a sexual act over an Internet webcam, according to a report.

Buffalo Grove police took the information May 23 from a resident of the 700 block of Saratoga Lane, who told them he had been in a conversation through Skype with someone “whom he believed to be an adult female,” the report reads.

The man could not see the person on the other end, but someone on the other end could see him.

“He began masturbating, on camera, for the unknown subject,” the report reads.

Shortly after that, the 52-year-old man received an email from the Skype contact, claiming to have a recording of the incident.

“He was instructed to send $300 or else the video would be sent to all his Facebook contacts,” the report reads.

Instead, the man took the person’s contact information to the police.

This story is related to other complaints from men who have found themselves in the same predicament. The scammers are also known to threaten to post and distribute the video to hundreds of porn sites if the victims do not send them their extortion fee. The victims stated that the female works as “bait” by contacting the male victims on social networks and acting as if she is interested in a sexual relationship. Eventually she is able to coerce the victim into “cybersex” or masturbation over Skype video. When the victim submits, the act is recorded and saved by the scammer. The scammers then contact the victim and demand money or they will distribute the video to the victim’s Facebook friends and hundreds of porn sites. This is extortion and extortion is against the law, no matter where you are from. Please be safe and if this happens to you, contact your local authorities. If they don’t take you serious, speak with someone else. Keep all records of the contact with the scammers and submit that information to the police. If you have questions, please email us and we can help.

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NMPA Sues Wolfgangs Vault For Copyright Infringement – JamBase

NMPA Sues Wolfgangs Vault For Copyright Infringement
The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) today filed a lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court alleging copyright infringement against Wolfgang’s Vault. The NMPA claims the online live concert audio and video platform does not have proper licensing in
Music Publishers File Lawsuit Against Wolfgang’s Vault, Daytrotter For
Wolfgang’s Vault Sued By 26 Music CompaniesBillboard

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Inside the creepy world of revenge porn collectors

It’s an unpleasant rabbit hole to fall down.

Every day men around Queensland are posting and swapping naked, near-naked or sexually suggestive pictures of women online – even using dedicated message boards to request pictures of specific women.

It’s revenge porn mixed with online stalking and a twisted collectors’ sensibility: Pokemon for porn, you’ve “gotta catch ’em all”.
Messages from revenge porn sites. <em>Photo: supplied</em>

Fairfax Media has been combing some of these sites to try to understand the language and behaviour of the men who use them, and to empower women to be wary of what they do with intimate pictures.

Clear trends emerge while searching these sites, such as the use of the word “win” to mean a topless or nude picture.

Users also ask for pictures of women from specific regions – or specific women.

“Looking for any wins on girls from Cairns,” one user requests.

“I have a lot of nudes from the girls on the GC and Bris and I am willing to trade wins for wins especially of Rhiannon K,” another writes.

“Will give whole collection for Megan A or Sarah B from Calamvale or around there,” another user posts.

Users also ask for pictures of women from specific regions – or specific women. <em>Photo: supplied</em>

Users egg each other on to track down the most explicit pictures, which can also depict sex acts.

Some look for pictures of women they once went to school with.

“Browns Plains High nudes. Post all you got.”

“Let us hunt for other Bayside sluts!”

The label of “revenge porn” – intimate pictures posted without permission of the subject, often following a relationship breakup – doesn’t entirely capture the collect-and-swap nature of these creep sites, as the origin of the pictures is often murky.

Some are clearly intimate self-portraits taken for lovers. Some are screenshots taken from live video chat programs.

Some are professional or semi-professional glamour shots, possibly culled from online resumes for photographers and models.

Others still are more carefree and casual snapshots that have been taken from the subjects’ own social media accounts, particularly Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat.

They may have been sent by the subjects, or hacked and stolen by users.

What is clear is that these images are stored and used as sexual stimulation.

It is doubtful the majority of women featured in the pictures desired this outcome, however users remain unapologetic about sharing images far beyond where they were originally intended, saying the woman should not have posted it in the first place.

It’s understood some of these sites will remove pictures if they are reported as being of underaged girls.

Queensland police can only act on stolen or misappropriated pictures when a victim makes a complaint – but it’s likely many women would not even know their pictures had been abused in this way.

Publishing links to these creep sites would potentially allow women to see if their pictures were being distributed.

However the negative effects of potentially driving more users to the sites, exposing the women’s pictures further or even driving collector creeps onto the “deep web”, arguably pose a higher risk.

There are some in Australia pushing for laws to cover revenge porn, similar to what is starting to occur in the United States.

In the meantime it seems that as long as there are pictures of women, there will be men who exploit them. the rest

Former Jets linebacker Jermaine Cunningham pleads guilty in revenge porn case

Jermain Cunningham pleads guilt to revenge porn

Jermaine Cunningham Photo: AP

ELIZABETH, N.J. — A former linebacker Wednesday to three charges in connection with a that invoked New Jersey’s revenge porn law.

Jermaine Cunningham, an NFL free agent, is expected to be sentenced to probation in June.

The 26-year-old Cunningham pleaded guilty in state Superior Court to invasion of privacy, illegal transport of a weapon and possession of hollow-point bullets.

The charges stemmed from a domestic dispute at a residence in Summit on Dec. 29. A loaded handgun and the bullets were found in Cunningham’s car. Prosecutors say he posted a sexually explicit image of his estranged girlfriend on Instagram without her consent.

The decade-old New Jersey law being used to prosecute Cunningham was the first of its kind in the country. The law forbids disclosing photos or videos without consent of someone “whose intimate parts are exposed” or who is engaged in a sexual act. Under the law, an invasion of privacy conviction is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Sixteen more states have passed similar laws, including 14 in the past two years. At least 10 additional legislatures are considering revenge porn laws.

Cunningham had sought to enter pre-trial diversion program that would have enabled him to have any conviction erased from his record, but a judge denied that request two weeks ago.

He legally owned the handgun but illegally transported it when he had his car sent to New Jersey last year, the Union County prosecutor’s office said.

Cunningham was with the Jets last year. He spent the season on injured reserve after tearing his Achilles tendon in a preseason scrimmage.… Read the rest

Hopewell mom tangled up in bizarre revenge porn case

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) – A Hopewell mother faces charges of revenge porn, but it may not be what you think.

It seemed like a marriage made in heaven. Lindsey Reid had a good job as a paralegal, and two kids from a previous relationship. She was ready to move on and find someone strong and dedicated, to spend the rest of her life with. Donnie Reid seemed like the perfect fit. A sergeant. in the Hopewell Police Department, Donnie is well respected in the community — a decorated officer, and on the fast track to promotion.

Somewhere along the way, though, Donnie and Lindsey were no more. She claims he was having a relationship with another woman, a married woman we won’t be identifying in this story. Someone sent Lindsey a link to an ad for a commercial porn site and told her to look at the still image and short video clip very closely, claiming the woman bears a striking resemblance to Donnie’s new girlfriend. Lindsey clipped and pasted the picture and sent it to her husband along with an angry text, that reads in part:

“I DO NOT think this is okay, and DO NOT want my son exposed to this!!!!!”

The “girlfriend” filed a police report, claiming she was the victim of revenge porn. In her handwritten complaint, she admits that it appears to be her face, but claims the image and video clip have been Photoshopped. Soon after that filing, Lindsey received a summons, claiming that she, “unlawfully, with intent to coerce, harass or intimidate, maliciously disseminated an image that depicts another person who is totally nude.” Read More…… Read the rest

Forget being a victim. What to do when revenge porn strikes – CNET

The Internet is a terrible place sometimes, but thankfully there are now organizations that can help people who become victims.

When illicit photos of Anisha Vora began showing up online, she didn’t know what to do. She contacted Facebook, Twitter and other companies hoping they’d do the right thing and take the photos down. But soon, there were too many places for her to deal with on her own.

What happened to Vora happens to all sorts of people. Students, college graduates and professionals. People have lost their jobs because photos were published online without their consent. Most of the victims are women, though not all.

As the threat of revenge porn has grown, companies, organizations and even lawyers have sprung up to help victims.

Figure out the size and scope of the problem

The moment your photos begin circulating online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’ve been violated, and suddenly your name, phone number, address and naked images are being published on sites around the Web.

If someone posted these images to Facebook, Twitter or another reputable site, it’s relatively easy to report the images and begin the process of asking the sites to take them down. Read More…


What happens when you report a post to Facebook. Mark Hobbs / CNET Read the rest

States Taking Action to Criminalize Revenge Porn

revenge porn on the rise


They’re meant to be private pictures for one set of eyes, but some of those pictures end up in the hands of thousands.  It’s called ‘revenge porn’ when an ex takes those personal photos and posts them online.

Local lawmakers say it’s becoming a growing problem and now many states are taking action to criminalize revenge porn.  State by state, lawmakers are fighting to make it illegal for someone to post graphic, sexual pictures online with the intention of hurting or embarrassing someone.

In 2014, Georgia criminalized revenge porn. On Tuesday, North Carolina took the first steps in doing the same. The House voted to make the act of sharing these types of graphic, private images illegal.

If passed, the crime will become a felony.  A judge would have the option of making the offender serve jail time and victims would also be able to sue for damages.

“You think those pictures are between you and that one other person but it turns out that’s not the case,” said college student Samantha Romain.

People we talked to say the victims they know are usually women.  Some of them have lost their jobs, new relationships, and their self-esteem.

Lauren Sorrell shared her own family member faced the embarrassment.

“She didn’t actually send the picture.  She was unaware because it was taken while she was sleeping.  She was naked,” said Sorrell.

After the bad breakup, her family member’s ex decided to share the image for revenge — posting it to Facebook.

But revenge porn isn’t just exchanged by texts or social media.  There are several sites which are completely dedicated to exposing and shaming unsuspecting exes.

“I think it’s pretty gross to think there’s someone out there who is nasty enough to actually feel really insecure about themselves that after a breakup, they feel the need to put something like that on the internet for everyone to see,” said college student Brittany Paris.

In a few states, like South Carolina, without any pending or passed laws, the websites that host these images are protected. Astonishingly, posting these images, even without permission, isn’t always legal.

“It’s nasty and I think a lot of attention needs to be brought to it,” said Paris.

More than ten states have specific laws already criminalizing revenge porn.  More than half have some sort of pending legislation.

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Attorney Mark Keaton Who Posted Revenge Porn Gets Disbarred

Attorney Mark Keaton, a nightmare human being, was disbarred from practicing law in Indiana last week because he systematically harassed, threatened, stalked, and distributed naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend over the course of six long years.

Keaton’s disbarment papers tell a very grim story that serve as a good reminder: ladies, get a restraining order the moment you start to feel threatened!

In 2005, Keaton, then married and 41, started an affair with his teenage daughter’s 19-year old roommate, “JD.” When they broke up in 2008, Keaton started calling JD obsessively and leaving voicemails, which sounded like this:

“Call me the fuck back! I don’t know who the fuck you think you are. But I’ll tell you what, you better fucking call me fucking back now! You fuck with me one more time and this time you’ll really fucking pay for it! And you need to think about it! Now you fucking quit fucking with me! I fucking deal with your fucking illness so fucking long, don’t fuck with me another fucking day! Not another fucking day! You return my call right now!”


“You make the decision to ignore me for the next hour, and I will make a decision that allows me to express my fury…Call me! . . . This is the last opportunity you have to avoid a catastrophe.”

JD presented the court with 90 other similar voicemails left by Keaton. During the couple’s relationship, Keaton borrowed $8,000 from JD, then a teenaged law student. When JD asked for the money back to cover her college expenses, Keaton said he we would only pay her back if she continued to communicate with and meet him.

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