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We are DMCA Defender, a trusted leader is reputation management and repair. We specialize in reputation management and professional DMCA takedown services. We defend your online reputation, monitor your content for piracy, and legally remove links & negative information.

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We are also dedicated to helping victims of revenge porn.  We are in Kansas City, Missouri, assisting clients from all over the world with their reputation management and DMCA takedown needs.

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  • Cam Model Protection
  • Revenge Porn Help
  • 24-Hour Image Monitoring
  • Trademark Registration
  • Reputation Management & Repair
  • Content Protection
  • Copyright Registration
About DMCA Defender

We have been helping people protect their reputations and content since 2011. When you need to protect yourself online, you want the professionals to help you. We have alliances all over the world. If it can be done, we can do it. We can get you started within minutes and you will see a huge difference online within the first 48 hours of service. Check out what our clients have said about us.

DMCA Defender 5 Star Rating Google Reviews
Dave Brown
We emailed them and within a day, we had a plan worked out and unwanted information taken down from the internet. You can tell they are truly happy when they have a successful case and they care deeply about their customers.
With this type of work, it is extremely important to remain empathetic and understanding rather than be robotic and they exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend them over any other DMCA take-down business.
DMCA Defender 5 Star Rating Google Reviews
Angela M
I would highly recommend DMCA Defender. I was a victim of Sextortion and Revenge Porn. I was in great trauma. I did a thorough search on how can my videos be taken down and came across their website, after reading about their service I started reaching out to them via email. For those who are a victim of this kind of cybercrime, worry no more since DMCA Defender will do their best to provide the quality service you need. I am in the Philippines s they will render their service to whoever needs it regardless of which country you’re from.
DMCA Defender 5 Star Rating Google Reviews
Erez S.
I was targeted years ago by an individual(s) against my religious background and where I come from. I had not even known of the existence until my employer and friends mentioned the site to me; I was distraught and at a loss. Desperate, I enlisted legal counsel which wasted my time and money over the course of 2-3 months to remove the blog and links appearing in search engines. DMCA Defender was able to shut down the blog and remove me from all search engines…in less than 1 week!
I am speechless with the promptness of the team and how well they managed expectations. I strongly recommend them to anybody with any related incident.
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