Buffalo Grove man reports Skype extortion after webcam session

Internet stranger attempts to extort $300 from Buffalo Grove man

Buffalo Grove man told police that he was extorted after broadcasting a sexual act over an Internet webcam, according to a report.

Buffalo Grove police took the information May 23 from a resident of the 700 block of Saratoga Lane, who told them he had been in a conversation through Skype with someone “whom he believed to be an adult female,” the report reads.

The man could not see the person on the other end, but someone on the other end could see him.

“He began masturbating, on camera, for the unknown subject,” the report reads.

Shortly after that, the 52-year-old man received an email from the Skype contact, claiming to have a recording of the incident.

“He was instructed to send $300 or else the video would be sent to all his Facebook contacts,” the report reads.

Instead, the man took the person’s contact information to the police.

This story is related to other complaints from men who have found themselves in the same predicament. The scammers are also known to threaten to post and distribute the video to hundreds of porn sites if the victims do not send them their extortion fee. The victims stated that the female works as “bait” by contacting the male victims on social networks and acting as if she is interested in a sexual relationship. Eventually she is able to coerce the victim into “cybersex” or masturbation over Skype video. When the victim submits, the act is recorded and saved by the scammer. The scammers then contact the victim and demand money or they will distribute the video to the victim’s Facebook friends and hundreds of porn sites. This is extortion and extortion is against the law, no matter where you are from. Please be safe and if this happens to you, contact your local authorities. If they don’t take you serious, speak with someone else. Keep all records of the contact with the scammers and submit that information to the police. If you have questions, please email us and we can help.