Prostitute attempted to extort $15,000 from married Missouri man after she recorded their threesome and posted it on social media

A prostitute has been charged with trying to extort a married Missouri man by posting a video recording of their threesome on social media for the man’s wife and employer to see. She attempted to extort $15,000 from him and when he did not pay, she posted the video on Facebook.

22-year-old Kailynn Havannah Alexandria Moore-Jones pleaded not guilty to a federal extortion charge in St. Louis. As reported by DailyMail, the man had met Moore-Jones via an escort website- on August 6. 

Later that same day, the man slept with Moore-Jones and another woman at the Pear Tree Inn St. Louis Airport. Moore-Jones had allegedly recorded the threesome and then began calling, texting, and sending messages to her client threatening to ruin his reputation if he did not pay her $15,000. 

The man, only known as R.W., wired around $2,200 to Moore-Jones in three installments, as per court documents but Moore-Jones was not satisfied with the amount. She continued to demand more money and when R.W did not give in, she posted their sex tape onto Facebook and shared it with the man’s wife and his employer, as per the charges. 

Towards late August, the man reached out to the FBI and lodged a complaint about the hooker’s extortion and revenge porn scheme. The very next day, agents listened to a call where Moore-Jones said she would take down the video if the victim paid her the amount she desired. 

Three days later, the mother of one was arrested and charged with federal extortion, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. She was arrested in Tucson, Arizona where she had picked up two of the wire transfers at a Walmart in late August. As per the affidavit, Moore-Jones criminal history includes charges of prostitution, theft and domestic violence.

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