Take advantage of our affordable DMCA takedown notice service.

Has someone stolen your content? Has someone infringed upon your copyright?

If so, allow us to take action on your behalf.

Our DMCA Takedown Notice Services are extremely cheap compared to the other companies, yet we are able to deliver you the same or better results. For a small service fee, our team of dedicated staff will work on your behalf to get your content removed from the offending websites or servers. We take our job very serious because we do not like internet thieves. If your work has been copied or stolen, we will find it and have it removed for you quickly.

Are you a victim of revenge porn? We provide special, deeply discounted rates for victims of revenge porn. Let us help you remove the images and/or videos that were uploaded without your consent. We are one of the very few takedown companies that GUARANTEE  a removal from If you are a victim of, we can help you remove the entire offending “profile” page on It is NOT impossible to remove content from nor must you pay their extortion fee to remove your pictures. Need us to monitor for new uploads of the unauthorized content? We provide affordable monitoring services. The purpose is so that you, the victim, do not need to perform the searches for yourself. We offer a 6-month or 12-month package tailored to your needs which includes free DMCA takedowns if any new offending content is uploaded without your consent. Contact us for more details.

In most cases, our staff are able to get your works removed from the offending websites and servers within hours of you making your payment to us however, every situation is different. Please contact us for your personalized plan of action.

Your payment is safely taken care of via our Verified Paypal account. Once you submit a request for our service, we will contact you within 24 hours to get more information about your case. Every case is different so we will need some information to be able to give you the lowest quote. Rest assured, customer service is our #1 priority and we will work quickly for you!

Still have questions about our DMCA Takedown or Monitoring Services? Contact us HERE. We will be sure to reply within 24 hours.


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