Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson calls out online abuse

Jesy Nelson was 20 when she won X Factor with band Little Mix in 2011. Since then, the group have enjoyed number one singles and toured the world. But along with success, band member Jesy has also faced online abuse which negatively affected her mental health and contributed to a suicide attempt four years ago. Now she wants to highlight the consequences of cyberbullying, and has shared her story in a new documentary for BBC Three. Our entertainment correspondent Chi Chi Izundu sat down with her. Source link

Revenge porn the ‘fastest-growing issue’ for youngsters in Dundee as kids under 16 report abuse

  Children under the age of 16 are among several reported victims of “revenge porn” in Dundee. A total of 23 people have reported the non-consensual sharing of intimate images or threats to do so since new legislation – which means anyone convicted of sharing intimate images without consent could face up to five years in prison – came into force. Of the 23 reports, four involved children aged under 16. A further three reports involved young people aged between 16-19. While the age of consent is 16, pornographic images of anyone under the age of 18 are illegal under UK law. Laurie Matthew, manager at confidential children’s support service Eighteen and Under, said revenge porn was one of the “fastest growing” issues for young people in Dundee. She said: “We believe very few people actually report it because of the intimidation that comes with it. “That’s enough for young…

One of first known victims of revenge porn reveals how stalking and abuse forced her to change her identity

  One of the first known victims of revenge porn, Lena Chen, has had most of her adult life overshadowed by abuse both online and in person. Intimate photographs posted on the internet by her ex-partner sparked five years of harassment, eventually forcing her to leave the country and change her name. Now the artist has set up an initiative to bring together women who have been victims of violence and trauma. It was on Christmas Eve 2007, while she was studying at Harvard University, that Chen became aware her ex-boyfriend had posted intimate photos of her. “I felt very numb but I had to function. I was at home for the Christmas holidays so I had to act normal because I did not want anyone to find out anything was wrong,” Chen tells The Independent. “When I eventually had a moment to myself, I cried for the first time and broke down. On the flight to…