North Park Junior High’s ‘ESSA’ status tackled

Lockport City School District and North Park Junior High School administrators believe recently created comprehensive education plans will change the determinations both got from the New York State Education Department saying they were in need of improvement.  In January, the state education department released its determinations for the classification of districts under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the new federal education law, and deemed Lockport a “target” district and North Park a “Comprehensive Support and Improvement” school.  At the time of the classification, North Park Principal Bernadette Smith said she believed the main thing that led to the school’s CSI designation was the number of students who do not take the state assessments, which are optional. Smith noted the ESSA criteria is based on a 95 percent participation rate in the tests, and at North Park, 61 percent of students took the tests last year.  Smith said in a recent interview that some of…

School district, local law enforcement stress the consequences of cyberbullying

Aiken County Public Schools and local law enforcement are urging students to be aware of cyberbullying and to know the consequences of taking part in any form of bullying and/or making threats online. The school district’s bullying policy defines harassment, intimidation or bullying as a gesture, electronic communication or a written, verbal, physical or sexual act reasonably perceived to have the effect of either of the following: Harming a student physically or emotionally or damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of personal harm or property damage. Insulting or demeaning a student or group of students in such a manner as to cause substantial disruption in or substantial interference with the orderly operation of the school. Captain Maryann Burgess, with the Aiken Department of Public Safety, said the online threats within Aiken County schools has been a common issue but emphasized its a common issue nationwide….

Utah man accused of posting revenge porn of East Idaho woman

  A Utah man is facing voyeurism charges after he allegedly created a fake Facebook profile of a 21-year-old East Idaho woman and posted nude photos of her. The victim told a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office deputy in March 2016 that her ex-boyfriend, Curtis Robert Bauss, 25, had taken photos of them during sex with her knowledge. × Story continues below video The victim had the photos in her possession, but she told the deputy Bauss had taken them off her devices. Bauss then reportedly created a false Facebook account under the victim’s name and posted the pictures. The victim contacted Facebook, which removed the account. She said Bauss had also been harassing her with text messages. When the deputy attempted to contact Bauss, he texted the victim saying law enforcement had no jurisdiction where he was. The Facebook profile was recreated with the pictures a day after the deputy…