Attorney Calls For Legislation To Address Revenge Porn, Cyberbullying

Attorney-at-Law and Child Rights Specialist Ricardo Sandcroft is calling for legislation to address issues such as revenge porn and cyberbullying affecting Jamaican teens. Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison on Tuesday said there was a direct correlation between increasing cases of revenge porn among high-school students and the lack of legislation to tackle cyberbullying locally. Speaking Wednesday on Power 106’s Morning Agenda, Mr. Sandcroft said the 11-page Child Pornography Act is not adequate and is ineffective to tackle the issue of revenge porn.  “But when you look at other legislations coming from around the world, they are more effective in the sense that they cover even crimes that tie into whether the child has been solicited, trafficking and all of these things; and even though we have a trafficking legislation, that in itself is still inadequate and ineffective,” he argued.  Source link