Usher and Justin Bieber in $10 Million Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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Usher and his pop protege Justin Bieber have been hit with a $10 million lawsuit over their chart-topping tune ‘Somebody to Love.’

According to the Wrap, two Virginia songwriters, Devin “De Rico” Copeland and Mareio Overton, claim that Ursh and the Biebs jacked their song. They say they penned the track in 2008, and released it the same year on De Rico’s album ‘My Story II.’

Usher and Justin also claim they passed along the album to scouting company Sangreel Media, who said they would let Usher hear the LP. De Rico and Overton even talked to Jonetta Patton, who is Usher’s off and on “momager.” She apparently told them that her son listened to the album and wanted to work with De Rico.

Furthermore, Usher and Justin allege that Usher posted a demo version of ‘Somebody to Love’ on YouTube. Then the song appeared on Bieber’s album ‘My World 2.0.’ Usher appears on the remix.

The lawsuit cites many similarities between their song and the Usher-Bieber track including the same title, time signature, chords, choruses and “call and response” chants.

Basically, De Rico and Overton are saying it was a straight jack move and now they are looking for compensation.

Attorneys for Usher and Justin Bieber had no comment on the matter.

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