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AT&T has a website geared towards supporting people who face cyberbullying

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Cyberbullying is an ongoing issue for many young people but a phone company is working to stop it with the #LaterHater campaign.

So many young people silently struggle with cyberbullying, whether it is on social media or video games; However, Billie Bertier, who is in college to become a student counselor, says staying silent is the worst thing to do.

“Talk to anyone. You could talk to a friend. Talk to friend’s parent. It doesn’t always have to be your parents. I know a lot of students are scared to talk to their parents about these types of situations but talk to anyone and they will be able to help you,” Bertier said.

Back in 2016, AT&T launched their later-hater website to provide another outlet to those dealing with cyber-bullies. The site offers counseling and tips for victims.

“A lot of the kids, they are not willing to speak out about it so this gives them an opportunity to have a voice, to have a forum to talk about it,” Christine Fields, a retail associate at AT&T said.

For parent’s these days, it may be hard to connect with your child, especially in this age of technology. And that’s why the website also has a list of tips to help create that conversation.

“There is also a part where you can send out positive vibes that people that are being cyber bullied to let them know, ‘hey you are not alone’”, Fields said.

Representatives say the program has been quite effective since its launch with many customers asking about.

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