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ftc reimburses revenge porn victims


The FTC is mailing refunds to victims that filed complaints with law enforcement through the Consumer Sentinel Network. The FTC and the state of Nevada charged that the website,, was dedicated solely to revenge porn and solicited intimate pictures and videos of victims, together with their personal information […]

FTC Goes After Notorious Revenge Porn Site

The FTC did a press release on January 9, 2018 announcing that in unison with the State of Nevada they have charged the parties responsible for the website with violating federal and state laws. Of course, we are extremely happy about this news. MyEx hit the internet in 2013 […]

Her nude photos leaked online. Now she’s fighting back

fighting back What is revenge porn? It’s “non-consensual pornography that is distributed online to shame, exploit or extort its victims.” Basically, it’s sharing other’s nude photos online for your own selfish reasons. It’s an epidemic that ruins lives; however, it is often overlooked by the general populous as well as […]

Forget being a victim. What to do when revenge porn strikes – CNET

The Internet is a terrible place sometimes, but thankfully there are now organizations that can help people who become victims. When illicit photos of Anisha Vora began showing up online, she didn’t know what to do. She contacted Facebook, Twitter and other companies hoping they’d do the right thing and […]

Attorney Mark Keaton Who Posted Revenge Porn Gets Disbarred

Attorney Mark Keaton, a nightmare human being, was disbarred from practicing law in Indiana last week because he systematically harassed, threatened, stalked, and distributed naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend over the course of six long years. Keaton’s disbarment papers tell a very grim story that serve as a good reminder: […]