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Comcast Corp is developing real time copyright alert

People who download pirated media content such as TV shows and movies may soon get a warning in real time, if a US cable company’s efforts become reality.A report on Variety.com said Comcast Corp. is developing the mechanism and is urging major studios, content companies, and distributors to join it.”As sources described the new system, a consumer illegally downloading a film or movie from a peer-to-peer system would be quickly pushed a pop-up message with links to purchase or rent the same content, whether the title in question exists on the VOD library of a participating distributor’s own broadband network or on a third-party seller like Amazon,” Variety editor-in-chief for digital Andrew Wallenstein said. He said this may be an alternative to the Copyright Alert System (CAS), which is a voluntary initiative being used since February.CAS warns subscribers engaging in copyright infringement up to six times before the Internet service provider can actively limit their bandwidth.Wallenstein said his sources claimed the new system will complement and not replace CAS, but added it is unclear how the two systems can work together.

“CAS and the new approach share a basic framework in that the ISP role is largely automated, notifying offending users based on information derived from the content companies who have a third party pulling the IP addresses of those downloading copyright-infringing material,” he said.

However, he said there are crucial differences, especially with notification occurring in real time with the new conversion strategy.

“Though not instantaneous, it would be a good deal faster than CAS, which sends subscribers e-mails, voicemails or browser-based messages that can occur weeks after the alleged piracy takes place,” he said.

More educational

Wallenstein said Comcast is hoping the new approach may be more educational than CAS, though sources said subscriber feedback suggested it is “ineffective in that respect.”

“Encouraging legal transactions could also be a better tack to take with the segment of consumers unknowingly pirating from illegal websites with design interfaces so slick they confuse users into thinking they are legitimate sources for content,” he added. — VC, GMA News

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It still amazes me at the willingness to call it piracy .. if you were to take a film you purchased to a friends house and he/she invited a few friends to watch it as well .. and afterwards someone asked to borrow that film .. is that infringement or sharing! the same applies online it’s just a different medium … there is no such thing a piracy just being human and social it is the world wide web .. this is the new war on drugs

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