We offer affordable DMCA takedown & image monitoring services

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Our DMCA takedown services are extremely affordable compared to the other companies, yet we are able to deliver you the same or better results. Our services are aimed towards anyone who wants to protect their intellectual property. For a small service fee, our team of dedicated staff will work on your behalf to get your content removed from the offending websites or servers. We take our job seriously because we hate internet thieves. If your images or videos have been copied or stolen, we will find it and quickly have it removed for you.

Are you a victim of revenge porn?

We provide special, deeply discounted rates for victims of revenge porn. Let us help you remove the images and/or videos that were uploaded without your consent. We are one of the very few takedown companies that GUARANTEE  removals from specific stubborn sites. If you need to remove pictures from revenge porn websites, we can help you remove the pages from the internet. Please do not pay any revenge porn website owner. That is extortion and it is illegal for them to demand a fee to remove your images.

Need us to monitor for new uploads of the unauthorized content? We provide affordable monitoring services. The purpose is so that you, the victim, won’t have to perform the searches for yourself. We offer 12-month packages tailored to your needs which includes free additional DMCA takedowns for any new offending content that is located throughout your subscription with us. Our plans cover the removal of any current content on the internet as well as any content that is reposted during your subscription with us. We will consistently monitor for posts of your images or videos. Contact us for more details. Every situation is different which is why we provide a custom quote for each new client. There is no “one-size-fits-all” at DMCA Defender. We take pride in offering personalized services to all of our clients.

Is someone blackmailing you with your private images or videos?

We have many clients who were being blackmailed with their private videos and images. In some cases the person will demand that you send them money. It is best that you do not pay them because unfortunately the harassment won’t stop there. Please block them from being able to contact you on social media (if you need help with blocking settings just let us know), block them from your phones if they have your phone number. You will also want to block them on Hangouts and Skype if you use these services. Also, we know sometimes they frequent the dating sites so be sure to block them there as well if you have an account on a dating site. We need them to know that they will receive NO money from you and eventually yes, they will move on to another victim (unfortunately).

In the meantime, they have likely saved your friends list from Facebook. This is something they always do. They do that so that they can contact them or build a fake profile of you and then invite those friends to the new page. Once they have your friends on their profile, they may try to post the video or images.

We offer monitoring plans to combat the issue. Our service would cover you for a period of one year. We immediately begin removing all content that is posted which includes the videos and the thumbnails or related images to those videos. Our system will monitor for posts and immediately take action on any media that pops up. If we happen to locate any content related to you we immediately send a DMCA takedown. This process helps to keep anything they post from ending up on hundreds of sites. Unfortunately, the scammers are very aware of the most damaging sites that will spread your content the fastest, sites such as Xhamster, Youporn, Xvideos, etc. Please let us know if you have questions.

Are you a cam model needing to protect your content?

webcam extortion scam help

We provide image and video monitoring services to many models in the webcam business. If you are a webcam model, you know that webcam piracy is on the rise. When people steal your work by secretly recording your cam stream and private sessions, they often upload it to various websites. These type of videos can spread very quickly to other sites. This is called piracy and it is illegal. We offer monitoring and takedown services to combat your video piracy. To begin your cam model protection simply contact us for more information.

How long will it take to remove my images and videos from the internet?

In most cases, our staff are able to get your works removed from the offending websites and servers within hours of you making your payment to us however, every situation is different. Please contact us for your personalized plan of action.

Once you submit a request for our service, we will contact you within 24 hours to get more information about your case. We will need some information to be able to give you the lowest quote. Rest assured, customer service is our #1 priority and we will work quickly for you!

Still have questions about our DMCA Takedown or Monitoring Services? Ready to get started? Fill out the form below and we will get right back with you.