YouGotPosted revenge porn site owner sentenced to 18 years

The sentencing of Kevin Bollaert stopped an all-day hearing where several victims told of the humiliation inflicted by his actions. Bollaert burst into tears as he listened to testimony from victims and his mom.

The sentence was at the high end of the range; Bollaert faced a maximum of 20 years. In explaining his punishment, the judge noted that he stacked the sentencing terms based on the multiple victims.

Considering credits for good behavior, Bollaert could be eligible for parole after 10 years, the judge noted.

YouGotPosted revenge porn site owner sentenced

Bollaert must pay $10,000 in restitution.

Bollaert was convicted of 27 counts of extortion and identity theft in connection to the tens of thousands of pictures posted online.

Bollaert would subsequently require hundreds of dollars from individuals to remove their pictures through another web site he possessed once they were printed.

Prosecutors called Bollaert “vindictive” and promised he took pleasure out of hurting his female victims with the web being his “tool of destruction.”
In court Friday, the judge their son has said he’s shown remorse was told by his parents.

“He’s said many times he wishes he never made the site… If he could return and alter it all, he’d,” they said in a statement to the court.

One after another victims shared how they were damaged by the activities of Bollaert.

“It’s just broken me on a level that’s not describable,” one girl told the court.

Another described how she’s haunted by her photographs being made people, saying,”If someone looks at me?

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