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Teen lad is victim of cybersex plot to extort money


Cops have launched a cybersex extortion probe after a teenager was lured into posing naked for an online scam artist.

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The 19-year-old victim, from Inchinnan, was tricked by a crook who posed as an attractive young woman before befriending him on Facebook.

The con artist asked the young man to strip before recording the footage and then attempting to blackmail him.

The stunned teenager was warned that if he didn’t transfer £1,500 to the crook, the sensitive footage would be sent to his family and friends on social media.

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Following the sickening incident, cops have now issued advice and warned members of the public to be aware of the scam.

Inspector Cassie Glass, from the area’s community policing team, said: “We received reports that a 19-year-old male from Inchinnan accepted a friend request from a unknown female who encouraged him to take his clothes off during a video call.

“She then told him that unless he handed over £1,500 she would share the images online for his friends and family to see.

“He refused and reported the incident to the police and we are currently investigating the matter further.”

A spokeswoman for the Police Scotland added: “We would like to remind all web-users of the dangers from online sexual predators, following a recent report of webcam extortion.

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“This, and other offences, relate to men being targeted by usually attractive young women to encourage online sexual behaviour via webcam.

“Once victims engage, both parties then carry out sexual acts shared with each other online. One party records the other, without their knowledge.

“Then money is demanded from the victim and, if refused, threats are given that their images/videos will be distributed.”

She added: “If you do become a victim, do not pay and do not communicate any further.

“If you can, take screenshots of the other person and the conversation then report it to your social media provider and to the police.

“It can be very difficult for someone to report these types of crimes.

“But any report will be taken seriously and in confidence.

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“We will carry out a thorough investigation with the intent of identifying offenders and bringing them to justice.”

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