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Revenge porn in India: What to do when your ex threatens to put your private videos online

Being through a toxic relationship is hard. It affects both your mental and physical health. Revenge porn could be a result of such toxic relationships. This sick act is on the rise in the past few years. According to a study[1], narcissists and those with psychopathic traits, like impulsivity and […]

Basically legal: Montana fails to protect victims of revenge porn. Why? | Features

At a Fourth of July party in 2016, a stranger approached Hannah Jennaway, then 21, with an unsettling question: “Are you the girl in the Snapchats I just got?” Jennaway’s stomach sank. “No,” she lied. She knew what the girl was referring to and hated imagining anyone watching it — […]

Revenge porn site leaves trail of innocent victims

Lisa M. can’t walk around her hometown without wondering who has seen her naked. The 28-year-old from Gardner, Mass., was only 17 when her then-boyfriend snapped a couple of topless photos of her when she wasn’t looking. She loved him, trusted him and had no idea he even owned a […]

City council takes aim at revenge porn

The City Council is poised to criminalize “revenge porn” locally following years of inaction by state lawmakers — who have let a similar bill languish in Albany since 2014. Under a proposal by Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Queens), anyone who posts someone’s “intimate image” without permission could be sent to jail […]

Revenge Porn Site Anon-ib loses all revenue after exposé

The offshore Web site that hosts hoards of “revenge porn” — including illegal shots of underage girls — lost its sole source of revenue Friday following a Post expose of its sleazy operation. A Spanish online-ad company said it was pulling its business from Anon-IB — also known as the […]