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CyberSafe Parent: Cyber bullying a growing challenge in schools


SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Mean, hurtful comments online, spreading rumors, even threats. Cyber bullying is sadly, incredibly common and something local school officials are racing to keep up with.

Dr. Gausman says, “We’re not able to use solutions that might have worked 10 years ago to address the challenges of cyber bullying and social media. We’re we’re working with challenges that have come to the fore in last last five years. And so, just as soon as adults seem to acquire working knowledge of social media software, the students have already moved onto something new, so it’s important for us to consider new ways to deal with this. ”

Sioux City Superintendent of Schools Paul Gausman is preparing to go to Washington D.C. to address the President’s Commission on School Safety.

He says, along with changing technology, there’s perhaps an even bigger challenge for schools dealing with cyber bullying.

Gausman says, “The challenge it often brings to us as a school district is that often, the challenges of bullying that we face, did not begin in our schools, did not begin on our devices, yet they are a challenge we need to solve, a resolution needs to be found, so it’s very important to engage in these conversations.”

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