Watch a Heatmap Visualize the Spread of Revenge Porn Around the World

For years, Anon-IB, the internet’s most notorious epicenter of revenge porn, thrived as users posted nude photos and videos of women without their consent. They published these images under the assumption that they were anonymous—their usernames were “Anonymous” followed by a string of letters. A new heatmap visualization using IP […]

More than a year after photo-sharing scandal, Marines say they’ve investigated 130 for online misconduct

  WASHINGTON (AP) — More than a year after a nude-photo-sharing scandal rocked the Marine Corps, the service has investigated about 130 individuals for online misconduct, ranging from sexual harassment and bullying to revenge porn. Nearly 60 faced some type of punishment. Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller told reporters Wednesday […]

Warnings law may be too weak on revenge porn

  A post-graduate researcher warns revenge porn offenders could be slipping through through the cracks. Tess Upperton, who wrote her honours dissertation on criminalising revenge porn, is calling for new legislation to specifically target the increasing problem. Revenge porn is the common term for the non-consensual sharing of intimate images, […]

LSU teaching assistant accused of extorting nude pictures from student

LSU teaching assistant accused of extorting nude pictures from student

  BATON ROUGE - A teaching assistant at LSU is accused of using a fake identity to solicit nude images from another student and then using those images to threaten the woman. According to the LSU Police Department, 21-year-old Chrolos Sedky masqueraded on Snapchat using the fake identity ‘Johnny Michael’. Sedky […]

Woman denies leaking revenge porn photos

  A woman accused of leaking intimate photos of a Brandon Police Service candidate to senior members of the force during a hiring competition has vehemently denied the accusations and filed court documents alleging two other men may have shared the intimate images. Terry Lynn Peters, the defendant in a […]