New York’s revenge-porn bill dies after 11th-hour campaign by Google

  New York’s revenge-porn bill died early Thursday morning after the Senate adjourned for the year and took no action in the wake of an 11th-hour campaign by Google against the legislation. The proposal — which has languished in Albany since its introduction in 2013 and was recently taken up […]

Google and Friends Blamed for Blocking Vote on New York Revenge Porn Bill

  Photo: Getty The New York state Senate failed to vote on a revenge porn bill on Wednesday, and those advocating for the legislation blame Google and a tech lobbyist group for pressuring lawmakers to abandon it in the final hour. The bill, if passed, would have criminalized the non-consensual […]

Did Big Tech just help kill New York’s revenge porn bill?

  The bill would not only have made the nonconsensual dissemination of sexually explicit images a misdemeanor, but it would have also helped victims sue web platforms for failing to remove the offending images. It’s that last part that appears to have lured Google and web-hosting sites into the fray. […]

Senate approves bill to outlaw revenge porn in Missouri

ST.LOUIS, MO-  Missouri lawmakers unanimously approved a bill banning Revenge Porn.  The proposal would make distributing a sexual image of someone without their consent a felony. It also outlaws threatening to make the image public in order to prevent someone from doing something or to gain something of value. The […]