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Kenya: Moral Cop Defends Deputy Governor Whose Private Video Leaked


Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua has described as barbaric the trending video showing the Kirinyaga Deputy Governor, Peter Ndambiri, naked and at the mercy of a group of men filming him and a naked woman beside him.

The video is circulating on WhatsApp, where it was released on Tuesday evening, and has become the subject of debate on morning radio and Twitter.

Dr Mutua, dubbed Kenya’s Moral Policeman for the stand he often takes on obscenity, jumped onto the wave Wednesday morning, saying filming the deputy governor was beyond justification and describing it as “barbaric, outrageous and a violation of human rights.”

“In my view, the invasion of privacy and primitive harassment of a couple in private, whatever their sin or crime, is the evidence of how low we have sunk as a society. If the video doing rounds is true, then this is a major blot to the Devolution Conference 2018 and a slur on the people of the great county of Kakamega,” said Dr Mutua on Facebook.

The KFCB CEO appeared to have been working with the presumption that the video was shot in Kakamega, where the Deputy Governor was photographed playing football with his colleagues. It is still not clear when and where the video was recorded.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria also spoke out on the issue, suggesting that the Deputy Governor was the victim of an extortion ring and that he should have first reported to the police.

He said the film is the work of cartels that are rampant in Kiambu County and asked the Deputy Governor to report to the police.

“I always say it is nonsensical to pay anyone so as not to give a story to the media,” he said on Facebook. “That breeds extortion and encourages criminal networks to thrive. It is a pity that the Kirinyaga DG did not immediately report such extortionists to the police,” he added.

In the video, a group of men slap, harass and whip Mr Ndambiri, who at first says he is a businessman and under pressure says he is a politician and finally cracking and agreeing that he is indeed the Deputy Governor.

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga in a Facebook post urged police to take up the matter and arrest the people behind the leak that has gone viral.


“Recording someone when he/she is in a compromising position and sharing the same with the public is wrong! Think about the emotional torture and ridicule you’re exposing the family of that person to. No one here is flawless. The police should reign in on the thugs who held the Kirinyaga DG under siege and apprehend them to serve as a punitive lesson to others who may be harboring such intentions in the future,” she wrote.

Nyeri MP Ngunjiri Wambugu on his part however opted to distance himself from the matter saying that Deputy Governor should fight his own battles.

“For those trying to divert attention from our pursuit of justice for Ms. Martha Miano by suggesting that I should also pick up the issue of justice for ‘boy-child’ DG Kirinyaga - please note that DG Kirinyaga is at a much higher pecking order than even I am so he can actually do more about that for himself, than I can do for him. Plus, I focus on helping those less privileged who are dealing with privileged bullies,” he said.

Dr Mutua pointed out the obvious fact that the filming had not been licensed by KFCB and added that it is neither a light matter nor about morality.

“It’s a crime akin to terrorism. It’s the worst form of violation a human being can go through. I shudder to imagine the mental anguish caused to the couple and all those associated with them,” he added.

Dr Mutua asked the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Inspector-General of Police to intervene.

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