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Man wanted in Aspen for threats, attempted extortion


An Argentinian man allegedly spent most of February, March and April stalking, threatening and attempting to extort his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, according to court documents.

The ex-girlfriend reported to police that she was afraid of Alejandro Saez-Blanco, 40, and believes he might return to Aspen and exact violent revenge on her new boyfriend, documents state. If he returns to Aspen, Saez-Blanco will face felony charges of extortion and stalking, as well as numerous misdemeanor charges, according to an affidavit filed in Pitkin County District Court.

The incidents began in February when Saez-Blanco began texting the woman’s new boyfriend, including the fact that he had found the man’s house locked when he visited, the documents state. Two days after that, video surveillance at the man’s house caught Saez-Blanco knocking on the man’s front door and peering into his window.

The same night, Saez-Blanco texted the new boyfriend threatening physical violence, according to the affidavit. He later admitted sending the texts and was told by police not to return to the boyfriend’s house.

In March, Saez-Blanco was arrested for trespassing, harassment and domestic violence. That arrest included a restraining order forbidding him from contacting the woman or her new boyfriend.

In April, Saez-Blanco again began sending the woman texts, this time from Argentina, according to the affidavit. He also left a voicemail for the boyfriend calling him names and saying, “I’m coming for you,” the affidavit states.

Ten days after the voicemail, Saez-Blanco left voicemails for the boyfriend saying he was going to report the woman to immigration authorities if the boyfriend didn’t deposit $50,000 into Saez-Blanco’s account, according to a second affidavit filed Tuesday in Pitkin County District Court.

Three days after that, Saez-Blanco allegedly posted a message on Facebook warning that the boyfriend is a “pedophile,” the affidavit states.

Saez-Blanco could be in Spain or in Argentina, according to the affidavits.


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